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Optomap Retinal Imaging

Benefits of Optomap Retinal ImagingOPTOS Daytona Optomap Retinal Scan

Optomap retinal imaging is a quick and easy way for doctors to get an image of a patient’s retina without the need for dilation drops. Getting a better look at the patient’s retina is crucial for early detection of:

• hypertension

• tumors

• retinal tears and detachments

• macular degeneration

• glaucoma

• help discover eye diseases associated with diabetes

Who Benefits from Optomap imaging?

Everyone, this is safe for the whole family, even school age children. Your retinal image will be saved in your patient file so every year our doctors can see if there are any changes from your last visit. This is a great tool for patients and doctors to get ahead of any potential vision issues.

What is the difference between traditional imaging and Optomap?

Optomap technology captures more than 80% of your retina in one panoramic image while traditional imaging typically shows 15% of your retina at a time.

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Preventing the spread of this deadly virus and “flattening the curve” to help reduce the burden on our emergency medical providers in the community is of the utmost importance. In accordance with this, Elk River Eye Clinic will be closing our office at noon today until further notice. If you or someone in your family has an eye health emergency they can contact Dr. Hess at 763-607-0219 or Dr. Bush at 507-884-9474. If they are unavailable please go to urgent care or the emergency room.

As a courtesy to our loyal patients during this time, we will be open on Monday and Wednesday from 8:00-12:00 for order pick up only.  We ask that when a customer is in the parking lot that they call us at 763-441-1055 and give us their name. If there is any balance due they can pay at that time with a credit card over the phone. Then an employee will bring out their contacts or glasses to them.


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